Here clues like those used in cryptic crosswords are used to solve the answers. I like this type as you can adjust the difficulty of the clues to suit the audience, some easy ,some tricky and some stinkers should keep them occupied all night long.

Here are some that I have used recently.

Cryptic Cities (Cryptic Cities – Answers)
The clues give answers that are all towns and cities within the UK

Cryptic Drinks (Cryptic Drinks – Answers)
The answers are all alcoholic beverages, as a clue in Q9 a person from Swansea is often referred to as a “JACK”.

Cryptic Films (Cryptic Films – Answers)
All names of popular films.

Cryptic Pop Groups (Cryptic Pop Groups – Answers)
All names of pop or rock bands.

Cryptic Oscars (Cryptic Oscars – Answers)
The answers are all film titles that have won the “Oscar” for BEST FILM.

Cryptic Shopping (Cryptic Shopping – Answers)
These are all the names of shops in Port Talbot South Wales, but many of them are national outlets. This therefore may need some adaption for your quiz.

Cryptic Television (Cryptic Television – Answers)
These are all names of television programmes that have aired in the UK.

Cryptic Underground (Cryptic Underground – Answers)
The clues give answers that are all name of stations on the London Underground.


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