An anagram is defined as “A word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase” and as such you can use any subject matter you like as a theme. In my opinion the best anagrams are those that seem to have a twist or funny meaning to them such as :-

Mother-in-Law becoming  “woman Hitler”.


Clint Eastwood  becoming “old West action”.

They then become the perfect way to present an entertaining as well as challenging table-top round.

Now if you enjoy creating you own anagrams then you could spend many hours compiling a quiz sheet on such topics as “Oscar Winning Film Titles” or “Stars of Soap Operas”. However if you would prefer a shortcut why not try some of the excellent Anagram Generators that can be found on the internet. Here are a couple that I’ve used.

Anagram Genius.

Here are some of my anagram quizzes.

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