Dingbats are visual word puzzles from which a well known phrase or saying has to be identified. They are derived from the board game that was devised by Paul Sellars. Although similar in concept to the puzzles that were used in TV’s “Catchphrase”, dingbats generally rely on text rather than pictures, the picture style being more correctly known as a “REBUS”. The principle is however just the same, or as Roy Walker would have said, “Just Say What You See!!!”

Below are some of the ideas that I have come up with. They are all in pdf format and can be downloaded from the links provided.

If you have any ideas for other DINGBATS, please let me know via the CONTACT ME section


  1. Ian Carlson-Hedges says:

    Does anyone know these three?
    A square with a small capital E in it?
    A large capital A with a tiny o in the triangular part?
    Lastly, Rectangle with ONE in thicker writing on the left side and a big black spot or dot on the right hand side?

  2. Melanie says:

    anyone got any ideas on this?
    BANG (in captital green letters)

  3. Chloe says:


    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for this one..


    Thanks 🙂

  4. Funky flower says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to play ringbats? I was given the game without instructions. I also have been given totally dingbats again without instructions. Both are made by warrington and are fairly old from I can tell

  5. Tony says:

    I’m being driven mad by some of this years xmas dingbats. Can anyone help with answers

    1) NKKKE (3 words)
    2) Farah Israel where iIsrael written top to bottom and Farah comes across it using the R (3)
    3) FROM written at top of box and TO at the bottom (4)
    4)SAHARRODSA (5)
    5) Words Groan and Grown written from bottom to top. (1-1)
    6) got 4words written in a line and there are 3lines. Words go as so :- prey prey pray prey, pray prey prey pray, prey pray prey prey


  6. Louise says:

    does anyone know this one

  7. Jade says:

    Anyone know one that says
    Lu Do

  8. Michelle says:

    hi does anyone know why the answer to the dingbat ‘tofrankuch’ is ‘frankincense’? Cant work it out… 🙂 Thanks

  9. K. Naidu says:

    Trying to solve this


    and it has an illustration below it that i cant figure out

  10. Saoirse walsh says:

    Can any one tell me what
    11 (could be ii or ll?)


  11. Craig Blackborough says:

    Can anyone help with this dingbats Question?

    Theme: Books

    Q: Throaty

    Thank you

  12. chris saltmarsh says:

    I wonder if any of you could help, I’ve got this dingnat.

    YOU_ _ MIND

  13. Charlie says:

    Here’s 3 more



    2. Jonathan Ag


    3. 12345678 -> 9 <-

  14. Mark says:

    Any idea what this is?



  15. Jo Smith says:

    Can anyone help with these please?


    2. TEN O’LOCK

    3. E JONES

    4. The alphabet in squares but C is flipped and backwards

    Thank you

  16. Danuu says:

    What’s the answer to…..

    ‘To summarise a complicated tale’
    _ _ /_ _ _ /_ / _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ _ /_ _ _ _ _

  17. Alan says:

    Can anyone solve these dingbats please

    AlphaBetiCal. (2 words)

    DANCERS (4 words)

    J€R$€¥ (2 words)

  18. Brian ogden says:

    Two cups and saucers over portcullis. Can you help. Thanks

  19. Casper says:

    90% sure this is a dingbat, but have no idea for the answer “Get Get .”

  20. paul says:

    born 1966 ill 1970 critical 2010 R.I.P. 2016

    what is the answer?

  21. Susan Scully says:

    Hi there
    Trying to solve this. It’s 6 tticks in an oval over the word counter

  22. Julie Wilson says:

    Hi there

    I’m trying to solve this: any ideas anyone, please?


  23. June Humphries says:

    Hi saw this dingbat and it’s driving me mad
    Knave crock Think jackpot could be bottom line Please can you solve this .Many thanks June

  24. dylan says:

    What’s this?

  25. John says:

    Love your work! Do you have dingbats with a nautical or maritime theme?

  26. Lila Lindberg says:

    I use these at the Senior Citizen Center,they ask for more. Thanks,this is a great activity for them. How about some holiday valentine, Christmas, etc)

  27. Joan says:

    What is *****





  28. k says:

    Anyone know the answer to this one:


  29. Romneys says:

    Love the dingbats have you any new ones my quizzers love them Thank you E. Ashton

  30. Claire says:

    Thank you Ken! I needed a festive table round for our pub quiz but left it to the last minute (as usual…). You saved me heaps of time! x

  31. Eric Ashton says:

    We at our local love your quizes and dingbats would it be possible to put some more dingbats on as we have used all the ones here. Thank you

    We appreciate all the work you do thanks again.

  32. gerard winstanley says:

    what is these Dingbat


  33. Les Close says:

    Can you put some new ones in the gallery, I’ve used all the one you have in all sections. Many thanks.

  34. jess says:

    hi, could you make fairytale themed dingbats?

  35. chrissy says:

    i do not appreciate how hard tese quizes were ive been sitting on the toilet for 3 days now trying to fiqure these out…

  36. steve burke says:

    I have compiled a collection of over 1,000 dingbats, and was wondering if there was an avenue for publishing

  37. jaz says:

    this is a great site !!

  38. Stephen byrne says:

    can u please tell me the answer to this dingbat question s laughter

  39. Maureen Baker says:

    I have only just found this site – all I can say, is thank you so much Ken for all youor brilliant ideas and suggestions. Not to mention the invaluable picture quizzes.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    love the dingbats and quizzes thank you use them when we have something at our sanctuary

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