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  1. First broadcast on BBC in 1951, which show had a panel that included Gilbert Harding and lady Isabel Barnett ?

  2. Who was the original presenter of “Take Your Pick” in 1955 ?

  3. What was the maximum prize in “Double Your Money” from 1955 to 1968 ?

  4. What was the quiz on the children's programme “Cracker-jack”, where wrong answers were rewarded with cabbages called ?

  5. Who was the original presenter of “University Challenge” ?

  6. Who loaded the cross bows in “The Golden Shot” ?

  7. On which show did Simon Cowell make his TV début ?

  8. Which show featured Dusty Bin ?

  9. Combining quiz, puzzle solving and physical challenges, what was the name of the show originally presented by Gordon Burns ?

  10. What was the name of the quiz show based on Noughts and Crosses ?

  11. Who was the first “Sky-runner” in “Treasure Hunt” ?

  12. Which game show launched Channel 4 in 1982 ?

  13. “Can I have a 'P' please Bob” would be heard on which TV quiz show ?

  14. Bob Monkhouse presented “Family Fortunes” from 1980-83 and Les Dennis presented from 1987-2002. Who was the presenter between 1983 and 1985 ?

  15. In which Channel 4 show did contestants choose “Question or Nominate” ?

  16. Who were the THREE presenters of “Blankety-Blank” ?

  17. Who were the team captains on “Give Us a Clue” ?

  18. Who was the original presenter of “A Question of Sport” on national TV?

  19. And who were the original team captains ?

  20. How many letters are there in the “Countdown” conundrum ?





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