The list of possibilities for picture quizzes is only limited by your imagination. Here are a few ideas that I have thought of but as yet have not had time to put into practice.

  • Geography Pictures – such as “Where in the World?”, “Country Flags” and “Outlines of Country Maps”
  • Album Covers
  • Famous Paintings – perhaps “Name the Artist”
  • Cartoon Characters – such as Super Heroes

Let me know of any that you think of.

Here are some that I have had chance to do.


  1. Sue G says:

    Hi Ken

    I have been using some of your quizzes for our club’s monthly quiz nights. They are SO good, I’d be lost without you. Thank you so much.

  2. Jules says:

    Hi Ken
    We did a SPOT THE DOG quiz of yours at an event recently. It was great. However we noticed a mistake with two of the answers.
    Q3 is Butch – Spike is apparently the pup and Q 25 is Sweep – Sooty was a yellow bear. Not complaining, just helping you! Thanks

  3. phil says:

    Love your site!

    i’m not very computer literate, could you share your open office template? i wouldn’t know where to begin!

  4. barry says:

    Hi Ken – how about some children’s quizzes – based on Disney, perhaps?

  5. Ian says:

    This site has been a great help for our Boxing Day get together , thank you

  6. Lisa Moore says:

    Hi Ken for quite a few years I have printed out your tabletop quizes for xmas day and boxing day it keeps the family amused for hours. Keep up the good work your quiz is brilliant9

  7. Christine K says:

    the Ladies of the WI enjoyed there Christmas Party with Kens logo quiz
    also the Christmas quiz
    Many thanks

  8. Eric says:

    Great quizzes Ken, a big help in my charity quizzes. How about a sweet and chocolate picture round?

  9. tracy smith says:

    Your quizzes can you remember the sixites and number one lyrics can you download the questions only

  10. Jo says:

    This is a brilliant resource!
    I’m organising a quiz for the first time for a social evening of an Association I belong to, this site has been very useful and I downloaded the advice sheet. I have mixed and matched taking into account the mix of folk we will have.Thanks for your hard work .

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Ken

    Do you have material be way of quizzes and mind puzzles suitable for people with dementia. I work in a care home and find it difficult to find stuff which the residents don’t think of as childish

    Kind regards


  12. karen Sowerby says:

    Dear Ken

    I’ve volunteered to do a monthly quiz at Lifetime a free club for the over 50’s. It’s a club bringing together retired people where they can meet people and enjoy all sorts of interests. Your quizzes are invaluable to someone like me and are being enjoyed by many people at the club. Many thanks.

  13. Grandad1939 says:

    I run a weekly quiz in the TRNC, where I moved on my retirement, some twelve years ago. We don’t charge entry and I have found your pages invaluable Many thanks

  14. Karen Flaum says:

    Your quiz pages make an excellent resource. Thank you.

  15. İrfan Karaahmet says:

    Thankyou very much Ken. I’m a amatör quız master, from TURKEY. Really really like your site and questions. Very helpful to me. Thankyou again.

    Best Regards.

  16. quizzer38 says:

    more picture quizzes like name the characters of television shows or name fruits and vegetables keep up the good work

  17. nicola wotherspoon says:

    being doing fun holiday quizzes for a couple of years and you,re help has been great so a big thanks

  18. joanie says:

    great, useful quizzes–Thanks

  19. dave Grice says:

    Just stumbled across your page. What I have seen I like. Looking to organise my own charity quiz in May 2015. Wish me luck… I would like to use some of your stuff..

  20. Coral says:

    Keep up the good work Ken. I have printed the Spot the Dog to play at my current fun weekend away. Just one question is not no. 25 Sweep and not Sooty?

    Look forward to seeing some more on there soon.

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