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The list of possibilities for picture quizzes is only limited by your imagination. Here are a few ideas that I have thought of but as yet have not had time to put into practice.


  • Geography Pictures – such as “Where in the World?”, “Country Flags” and “Outlines of Country Maps”

  • Album Covers

  • Famous Paintings – perhaps “Name the Artist”

  • Cartoon Characters – such as Super Heroes


Let me know of any that you think of.



Here are some that I have had chance to do.


  • Name the Dog Breed (Good for Crufts)                            Answers.

  • Know Your Road signs                                                     Answers.

  • Classic TV Shows.                                                          Answers

  • British TV Sitcoms                                                           Answers

  • Spot the Dog (Famous dogs )                                           Answers



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