Dingbats are visual word puzzles from which a well known phrase or saying has to be identified. They are derived from the board game that was devised by Paul Sellars. Although similar in concept to the puzzles that were used in TV’s “Catchphrase”, dingbats generally rely on text rather than pictures, the picture style being more correctly known as a “REBUS”. The principle is however just the same, or as Roy Walker would have said, “Just Say What You See!!!”

Here are a couple of downloadable example sheets: –

Thanks to the overwhelming interest in this section here are another two sheets to download.

Here’s the latest sheets, I hope you enjoy them.

I’ve come up with some Christmas ones, give these a try!

Here are some new ones with a WEDDING theme, let me know how you get on!!

As this year (2012) is the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, I thought some Royal Dingbats would go down well.

I recently had a request for some prison related dingbats for a charity event. I realise that these may have a limited appeal but give them a go anyway.

With the Olympic games approaching these Olympic Dingbats may come in handy.

These were compiled for a military wedding and therefore all have a “military” theme.

Here are the latest ones based on phrases you might hear in schools, give them a try.

If you have any ideas for other DINGBATS, please let me know via the CONTACT ME section.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    love the dingbats and quizzes thank you use them when we have something at our sanctuary

  2. Maureen Baker says:

    I have only just found this site – all I can say, is thank you so much Ken for all youor brilliant ideas and suggestions. Not to mention the invaluable picture quizzes.

  3. Stephen byrne says:

    can u please tell me the answer to this dingbat question s laughter

  4. jaz says:

    this is a great site !!

  5. steve burke says:

    I have compiled a collection of over 1,000 dingbats, and was wondering if there was an avenue for publishing

  6. chrissy says:

    i do not appreciate how hard tese quizes were ive been sitting on the toilet for 3 days now trying to fiqure these out…

  7. jess says:

    hi, could you make fairytale themed dingbats?

  8. Les Close says:

    Can you put some new ones in the gallery, I’ve used all the one you have in all sections. Many thanks.

  9. gerard winstanley says:

    what is these Dingbat


  10. Eric Ashton says:

    We at our local love your quizes and dingbats would it be possible to put some more dingbats on as we have used all the ones here. Thank you

    We appreciate all the work you do thanks again.

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