Christmas 2

Published: Thursday 25th December 2014
  1. Which monarch was the first to make the annual broadcast to the nation ?
  2. In which film was the song "White Christmas" first featured ?
  3. In Dickens's "A Christmas Carol" which is the first ghost to visit Scrooge ?
  4. What is the Welsh for Christmas ?
  5. What did Santa Claus win in 1964 ?
  6. Which of Santa's reindeer share it's name with an electrical retailer ?
  7. Which "Eastenders" character had a baby on Christmas Day 1998 ?
  8. In which country did the Poinsettia originate ?
  9. The plant "Viscum Album" is better known as which Christmas decoration?
  10. Which rock singer starred in the film "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" ?
  11. Which female character left "Coronation Street" on Christmas Day 1987 ?
  12. Which seasonal job was first filled by James Edgar in 1890 ?
  13. With which seasonal product did J C Hall make his millions ?
  14. Who composed "The Christmas Oratorio" ?
  15. In which film did Judy Garland sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" ?
  16. What is myrrh ?
  17. What name is given to the four week period leading up to Christmas ?
  18. Who discovered Christmas Island ?
  19. In which fictional land is it always winter but never Christmas ?
  20. Which fruity sauce is a usual accompaniment to the Christmas turkey ?
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