Christmas 4

Published: Thursday 25th December 2014
  1. The carol "Silent Night" was written in which country?
  2. Where did "Good King Wenceslas" rule?
  3. What was the last Beatles' Christmas number one?
  4. Which Christmas plant has the Latin name"Hedera"?
  5. Who sang the opening line of "Do They Know It's Christmas" for Band Aid II in 1989?
  6. To which city does New York cop John McClane travel to on Christmas Eve in "Die Hard"?
  7. What fruit is used to make a Christingle?
  8. Why did Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem?
  9. Which British group had the last Christmas number one of the seventies?
  10. What was first brought to Great Britain by William Strickland in 1526?
  11. Which European country was the first to issue a Christmas stamp?
  12. How would you make a chestnut into a "Marron glace"?
  13. In which German city would you find the shrine of the Magi, said to house the bones of the Three Kings?
  14. What first went on sale as "Smith's bon-bons"?
  15. Which wrestler starred in the 1996 turkey "Santa with Muscles"?
  16. Where does the Queen normally spend Christmas Day?
  17. Where would you be if your Christmas gifts were bought by "Shengdan Laoren"?
  18. Which Pope in AD 320 declared December 25th to be Christmas Day?
  19. Which Saint first performed a nativity play?
  20. What didn't The Darkness want to end in their 2003 Christmas hit?
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