Christmas 8 - Answers

Published: Thursday 14th November 2019A free Christmas quiz that all the family can enjoy.
  1. Who played Fred Claus in the 2007 movie of the same name? Vince Vaughn.
  2. According to the 2018 UK Christmas number one from Ladbaby, what was this city built from? Sausage Rolls.
  3. What alcoholic drink is added to lemonade to make a Snowball? Advocaat.
  4. In which year was Christmas made a federal holiday in the USA? 1870
  5. Singer Taylor Swift grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania connected with which Christmas commodity? Christmas Trees.
  6. According to the 2017 movie who was "The Man Who Invented Christmas"? Charles Dickens.
  7. "Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas" a 2018 book by Adam Kay described the working of what profession? (Junior) Doctor.
  8. What name is given to a male turkey? Tom.
  9. Who voiced the title role in the 2018 animated movie "The Grinch"? Benedict Cumberbatch.
  10. According to the Christmas Song, what type of nuts are roasted on an open fire? Chestnuts.
  11. What is the name of the carrot that has featured in Aldi's Christmas TV campaigns? Kevin.
  12. In the Dickens' novel "A Christmas Carol", how many brothers and sisters does Tiny Tim have? Five (3 sisters & 2 brothers).
  13. We have a General Election in December 2019, when was the last time a General Election took place in Advent? (6th December) 1923.
  14. In the 1996 movie "Jingle All the Way", what occupation did Arnold Schwarzenegger 's character have? Mattress Salesman.
  15. In the carol "Good King Wenceslas", on what feast day did he look out? The feast of Steven.
  16. Which superstar featured in the 2018 John Lewis Christmas ad? Elton John.
  17. From what material were the first artificial Christmas trees made from in Germany? Goose feathers.
  18. What colour are the berries on mistletoe? White.
  19. Which rock guitarist released the 2018 album entitled "Happy Xmas"? Eric Clapton.
  20. The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square is an annual gift from the city of Oslo, but which Norwegian city supplies the Christmas tree to Newcastle-upon-Tyne each year? Bergen.

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