Christmas 9

Published: Thursday 12th November 2020A free quiz about all aspects of Christmas and the festive period.
  1. Held at King's College Cambridge annually since 1918, which carol traditionally opens the "Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols"?
  2. Set at Christmas time, the fantasy novel "Box of Delights" was written by which Poet Laureate?
  3. In the 1992 movie "The Muppets Christmas Carol", which muppet acts as narrator?
  4. Known as Pohutukawa in Maori, what is this evergreen coastal tree more popularly known as?
  5. What is the title of the 1972 play by Alan Ayckbourn where each act is set on successive Christmas Eve parties at different couples houses?
  6. With eight to his credit, who holds the record for appearing on most UK Christmas number ones?
  7. With the first act set on Christmas Eve in Manhattan, what is the title of the Jonathan Larson musical that opened on Broadway in 1996?
  8. Which confectionary associated with Christmas was invented by the choirmaster at Cologne Cathedral to keep the choristers quiet during the service?
  9. Which British magazine has published an Advent Calendar on the cover of its November edition every year since 2007?
  10. Who managed to top the UK Christmas singles charts in both 2018 and 2019?
  11. Which future superhero actor starred in the 2004 movie flop "Surviving Christmas"?
  12. The mistletoe is the emblematic flower of which English county?
  13. What cartoon do families in Sweden sit down to view every Christmas Eve?
  14. Played by Henry Travers in the 1946 movie, what is the name of the Guardian Angel in "It's a Wonderful Life"?
  15. What was the title of William Shatner's 2018 Christmas album?
  16. "The Mistletoe Murder and other stories" is a collection of four mysteries from which female writer?
  17. Dating back to 1692, in which London location does the annual Ceremony of the Christmas Cheese take place?
  18. Which cake, popular at Christmas, has a festival in its honour every year at Dresden, where a giant example is baked?
  19. Which Canadian province supplies the city of Boston with its annual Christmas Tree?
  20. The Beatles topped the Christmas charts in 1965 with a double-a sided single, "Day Tripper" was one track what was the other?
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