Christmas Around the World 2 - Answers

Published: Wednesday 4th November 2015
  1. Where would you hear the words "Mele Kaikmaka" at Christmas? Hawaii
  2. In which country would the Star Man known as "Gwiazdor" deliver the seasonal presents? Poland
  3. Which city donates a Christmas Tree to Trafalgar Square each year? Oslo
  4. From which country do Poinsettias originate? Mexico
  5. In which decade was Christmas made a federal holiday in the USA? The 1870s
  6. By what name is Father Christmas known by in Chile? Viejo Pascuero
  7. What type of trees do they utilise for Christmas trees in India? Banana
  8. In what country is a porridge called "Kukya" eaten on Christmas Eve? Russia
  9. Which German city is known as the Gingerbread capital of the World? Nurenburg
  10. In which country does Santa have a female counterpart called Befana? Italy
  11. White Christmas, a cake made from coconut, rice and dried fruit, is popular in which country? Australia
  12. Which bird is the most common to feature on a Christmas card? Robin
  13. Which TWO oceans contain islands known as Christmas Island? Pacific & Indian
  14. Where would you be if your Christmas gifts were bought by "Shengdan Laoren"? China
  15. Traditionally what do people in Portugal eat when the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve? 12 Grapes
  16. The German word "Tannenbaum", is translated in to English as what? Christmas tree
  17. "Tai Tai" are biscuits given to good children at Christmas in which country? Netherlands
  18. On what day of the festive season do the French eat Galette des Rois? Epiphany
  19. "Feliz Natal" is Merry Christmas in which language? Portugese
  20. In Scandinavia what is the "Tomte"? Christmas Gnome

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