Christmas Around the World

Published: Monday 21st November 2022A free Christmas quiz covering traditions across the World
  1. In which country is the giant straw goat known as the Gavle Goat erected annually; [a] Norway, [b] Finland, [c] Sweden or [d] Iceland?
  2. Which fish is often eaten for a Christmas Eve meal across Central Europe; [a] Perch, [b] Carp, [c] Pike or [d] Sturgeon?
  3. Who was the first US President to put a Christmas tree in the White House; [a] George Washington, [b] Abraham Lincoln, [c] John Adams or [d] Franklin Pierce?
  4. In which country does Belfana the Witch distribute sweets and gifts to children on the eve of January 5th; [a] Spain, [b] Portugal, [c] Greece or [d] Italy?
  5. What household item is hidden on Christmas Eve in Norway to prevent witches and evil spirits stealing them; [a] Carving Knives, [b] Brooms, [c] Tablecloths or [d] Spoons?
  6. Where in the World would you share an Oplatek, a thin wafer with a nativity scene embossed, before Christmas Eve dinner; [a] Poland, [b] Albania, [c] Australia or [d] Austria?
  7. Who do the children in Syria receive their Christmas gifts from; [a] Mother Christmas, [b] A Shepherd, [c] The Wise Men's Camels or [d] Christmas Angel?
  8. Where in the World do the children look forward to a Christmas treat of fried caterpillars; [a] South Africa, [b] North Korea, [c] Chile or [d] Samoa?
  9. What flower is classed as the Christmas flower in Costa Rica; [a] Carnation, [b] Orchid, [c] Daffodil or [d] Rose?
  10. How do children make their way to church on Christmas morning in Caracas, Venezuela; [a] On their father's backs, [b] On Donkeys, [c] On roller skates or [d] On stilts?
  11. How many courses are there in the traditional Ukrainian Christmas dinner; [a] Seven, [b] Nine, [c] Ten or [d] Twelve?
  12. How long does the traditional Greenland Christmas dish of Kiviak take to prepare; [a] 7 days, [b] 7 weeks, [c] 7 months or [d] 7 years?
  13. Which US President stopped the practice of a Christmas tree in the White House during his tenure due to environmental considerations; [a] Bill Clinton, [b] Teddy Roosevelt, [c] Barack Obama or [d] Donald Trump?
  14. Who, according to folklore in Central Europe, comes to punish the naughty children on Christmas Eve;[a] Krampus, [b] Bad Santa, [c] The Devil or [d] Dracula?
  15. While in the UK we settle down to watch the monarch's Christmas speech on TV, what do Swedes gather to watch; [a] A Donald Duck cartoon, [b] The Swedish Monarch's speech, [c] A Laurel and Hardy short or [d] A pantomime?
  16. Where might you celebrate Christmas with a meal from KFC; [a] Kentucky, [b] Korea, [c] Vietnam or [d] Japan?
  17. What did the Germans make the first artificial Christmas tree from; [a] Sea shells, [b] Goose feathers, [c] Gingerbread or [d] Turkey bones?
  18. Which vegetable is used in Oaxaca, Mexico to carve nativity scenes on December 23rd each year; [a] Potatoes, [b] Radishes, [c] Pumpkins or [d] Turnips?
  19. Which 16th Century minister banned Christmas holidays in Scotland [a] John Knox, [b] Martin Luther, [c] Andrew Melville or [d] Andrew Davidson?
  20. Which was the first US State to declare Christmas an official holiday; [a] Alaska, [b] Alabama, [c] Arizona or [d] Arkansas?
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