Christmas Birthdays. - Answers

Published: Wednesday 17th November 2021A free quiz about people born on or near Christmas Day.
  1. Born on Christmas Eve in 1991, who was the oldest member of One Direction? Louis Tomlinson.
  2. What the real name of the pirate "Calico Jack" who was born 26th December 1682? Jack Rackham.
  3. Which leader of the Labour Party was born on Christmas Eve in 1969? Ed Milliband.
  4. Considered by some to be the "Father of the Computer", which inventor was born on Boxing Day in 1791? Charles Babbage.
  5. Sissy Spacek, born on Christmas Day in 1949, won an Oscar for her portrayal of country singer Loretta Lynn in which 1980 movie? "Coal Miner's Daughter".
  6. Which communist leader born on 26th December 1893 is famous for his "Little Red Book"? Mao Zedong.
  7. Born on Christmas Day in 1957, who is the co-writer and vocalist on the most played Christmas song of the 21st Century? Shane McGowan.
  8. Which English mathematician and physicist born on Christmas Day in 1642 was famous for establishing the laws of motion and gravity? Sir Issac Newton.
  9. For which movie did Humphrey Bogart (born 25th December 1899) win his only Oscar? "The African Queen".
  10. The author of the "Twilight" series of books was born on Christmas Day in 1973, what is her name? Stephenie Meyer.
  11. Scottish vocalist Annie Lennox was born on 25th December 1954, with which group did she first achieve UK chart success? The Tourists.
  12. Which English King, who was born 24th December 1167, was known as "Lackland"? King John.
  13. Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong was born on Christmas Day in 1971, how is this singer better known? Dido.
  14. Which Egyptian President, born on Christmas Day in 1918 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978? Anwar Sadat.
  15. Who on Christmas Day 1971 became only the second child to be born to a Canadian Prime Minister whilst in office? Justin Trudeau.
  16. Born in Surrey on Christmas Day 1908, Denis Charles Pratt gained fame as the author of "The Naked Civil Servant", how do we better know him? Quentin Crisp.
  17. What was the first name of Paris Hilton's great-grandfather, the founder of the hotel group who was born on Christmas Day in 1887? Conrad.
  18. Which novel by Henry Miller, who was born on Boxing Day 1891, was banned in the USA for 27 years finally being published in 1961? "Tropic of Cancer".
  19. Born on Christmas Day in 1957, for which club did football pundit and presenter Chris Kamara make his professional debut in 1975? Portsmouth.
  20. By what nickname was Mexican drug baron Joaquin Guzman, born on Christmas Day in 1954, better known? El Chapo.

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