Christmas Dinners 1

Published: Monday 16th November 2015
  1. White Christmas, a cake made from coconut, rice and dried fruit, is popular in which country?
  2. At what time did Queen Victoria sit down for Christmas Dinner?
  3. Which country serves rice pudding with a hidden almond after Christmas dinner?
  4. In Germany, what would you eat on Christmas Day instead of turkey?
  5. Which King was known as "The Pudding King" because he enjoyed Christmas Pudding?
  6. On Christmas Eve where would you eat turkey stuffed with ground beef and peanuts and decorated with pineapple and cherries?
  7. What is the name of the skin that hangs from a turkey's neck?
  8. Which food is the main dish of the Polish Christmas feast?
  9. What is eaten in the USA as an alternative to Christmas pudding?
  10. What is a baby turkey called?
  11. In 2009 what % of sprouts purchased in the UK the week before Christmas were consumed?
  12. Which King made eating turkey at Christmas fashionable?
  13. What is the favourite Christmas Dinner in Japan?
  14. Fried carp and potato salad is served for Christmas dinner in which country?
  15. "Meleagris Gallopova" is the scientific name for which Christmas food?
  16. When the Norfolk turkeys walked to London they wore boots, what was put on the feet of the geese?
  17. According to legend which King of England first ate turkey on Christmas Day?
  18. What Christmas food is made from "Marshworts"?
  19. What is a male turkey called?
  20. What do the Parker family eat for Christmas dinner in the 1984 film "A Christmas Story"?
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