Christmas Dinners 2 - Answers

Published: Sunday 29th November 2015
  1. In early Britain what part of a pig was a traditional Christmas meal? The head.
  2. What bird now popular as Christmas dinner, was Elizabeth I said to be eating when told of the defeat of the Spanish Armada? Goose.
  3. What is another name for "Forcemeat"? Stuffing.
  4. What is the popular name for the Sunday before Advent when it is tradition to make the Christmas Pudding? Stir-Up Sunday.
  5. Which sauce is traditionally served with roast turkey on Christmas Day? Cranberry.
  6. Which old English coin was put in a Christmas Pudding to bring good luck to the finder? Silver Sixpence.
  7. In which European country did Brussel Sprouts originate from? Belgium.
  8. Which Christmas dessert features in the song "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"? Figgy pudding.
  9. Why should you stir a Christmas pudding clockwise? To bring good luck.
  10. What is the Swedish "Luttfisk" which is often eaten at Christmas? Air dried cod.
  11. Often served as a starter at Christmas, what is "Gravlax"? Cured salmon.
  12. What is a female turkey called? Hen.
  13. Which leftover dish is consumed in Britain on Boxing Day? Bubble and squeak.
  14. What do the Germans often cook their sprouts in? Beer.
  15. "Plum Duff" is an old name for what Christmas food? Christmas Pudding.
  16. What alcoholic sauce is often served with Christmas pudding? Brandy sauce.
  17. According to Dr Seuss what do they eat for Christmas Dinner in Whoville? Roast Beast.
  18. What spice is often added to bread sauce? Clove.
  19. Where did Turkeys originate from? North America.
  20. What is traditionally put on the top of a Christmas Pudding to decorate it? A sprig of holly.

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