Christmas Film & TV 2 - Answers

Published: Thursday 25th December 2014
  1. In the film "The Muppet Christmas Carol" which character narrated the story? Gonzo the Great.
  2. What brand of water do Del Boy and Rodney attempt to sell in their 1992 Christmas special? Peckham Spring.
  3. In "Coronation Street" who nearly choked on a sixpence during Christmas dinner in 1961? Ena Sharples.
  4. In which New England state was the 1942 movie "Holiday Inn" set? Connecticut.
  5. Who played Fred Claus in the 2007 movie of the same name? Vince Vaughn.
  6. Who plays Gideon, the Angel in Disney's 1985 movie "One Magic Christmas"? Harry Dean Stanton.
  7. Which song from the 1954 film "White Christmas" was nominated for the Best Song Oscar? "Count Your Blessings".
  8. What was the name of Captain Mainwaring's brother featured in the 1975 "Dad's Army" Christmas episode? Barry.
  9. In which year was the Queen's first TV Christmas message? 1957
  10. What was the name of the boy in the TV film "The Snowman"? James.
  11. Who was the first British monarch to broadcast a Christmas message? King George V.
  12. In the 1947 film "Miracle on 34th Street", who played Kris Kringle? Edmund Gwen.
  13. Which long running TV series opened with a 1971 episode called "The Homecoming - A Christmas Story"? The Waltons.
  14. Which English cricketer won the 2007 "Strictly Come Dancing" Christmas special making a hat trick of wins? Darren Gough.
  15. Who killed Dennis Rickman in "Eastenders", on New Year's Eve 2005? Danny Moon.
  16. Who plays Jack Frost in the 2006 movie "The Santa Clause 3"? Martin Short.
  17. What came to Cranford in the 2009 Christmas special, "Return to Cranford"? The railway.
  18. Which "Happy Days" actor starred in the 1979 movie "An American Christmas Carol"? Henry Winkler.
  19. In "Coronation Street", where was Rosie Webster born on Christmas Eve 1990? In the back of a taxi cab.
  20. In the 1947 film "Miracle on 34th Street", who played the young girl Susan? Natalie Wood.

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