Christmas Food & Drink 2 - Answers

Published: Thursday 25th December 2014
  1. How many ingredients did the Catholic Church decree that there should be in a Christmas pudding? Thirteen.
  2. What game pie was traditionally eaten in Suffolk for breakfast on Christmas day? Rabbit.
  3. What is a baby turkey called? Poult
  4. White Christmas, a cake made from coconut, rice and dried fruit, is popular in which country? Australia.
  5. "Tai Tai" are biscuits given to good children at Christmas in which country? Holland.
  6. Which cheese often eaten at Christmas is known as the King of English cheeses? Stilton.
  7. In the 17th century Christmas cake was made to be eaten on what day? Twelfth Night.
  8. One may have an "Aperitif" before the Christmas meal, what does this mean in the original Latin? To start.
  9. What Christmas sauce is known at Cambridge University as "Senior Wrangler" sauce? Brandy butter.
  10. New Zealanders would never serve which meat for Christmas dinner? Goose. (Geese are not raised in New Zealand and the Government prohibits the importation of meat products).
  11. Which English Victorian cook wrote the definitive Christmas cookbook? Mrs Beeton.
  12. What is a "Pfefferkuchenhaus"? A gingerbread house.
  13. What should be eaten on each of the twelve days of Christmas to bring luck for the following year? A mince pie.
  14. Where did turkeys originate from? North America.
  15. In a traditional mince pie, which ingredient would make it unsuitable for vegetarians? Suet.
  16. Who made the eating of mince pies illegal in Britain? Oliver Cromwell.
  17. What is the popular name for the Sunday before Advent when it is tradition to make the Christmas pudding? "Stir-up" Sunday.
  18. In what country is porridge called "Kukya" eaten on Christmas Eve? Russia.
  19. The coconut flavoured cake known as "Bibingka" is a Christmas favourite in which South East Asian country? The Phillipines.
  20. At what time did Queen Victoria sit down for Christmas Dinner? 9pm Christmas Night.

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