Christmas Food & Drink 3

Published: Monday 5th December 2016
  1. Shaped to resemble the baby Jesus, what is the name of the Belgium sweet bread served for Christmas breakfast?
  2. Which German city holds an annual stollen festival?
  3. What is the edible fruit of the tree "Castanea saliva"?
  4. How are "Cherries Jubilee" cooked?
  5. In which Scandinavian country would you eat ginger-snap cookies called "Pepparkakor"at Christmas ?
  6. Who served a flaming Christmas Pudding in "A Christmas Carol"?
  7. What is a German "Christollen"?
  8. In Northern England what is Christmas cake often eaten with?
  9. In which country would you be served twelve meatless dishes on Dec 24th?
  10. In which country are "Oliebollen", deep fried dumplings served around Christmas?
  11. In a traditional mince pie, which ingredient would make it unsuitable for vegetarians?
  12. A sprig of which plant often decorates a Christmas pudding?
  13. What is wrapped in bacon in a British "Pig in blanket"?
  14. Mince pies were originally oval-shaped, what was this supposed to represent?
  15. Which alcoholic drink is usually added to the base of the Christmas trifle?
  16. What is Christmas "Lebkuchen"?
  17. What would you generally find under the icing of a Christmas cake?
  18. Which cheese often eaten at Christmas is known as the King of English cheeses?
  19. In the 17th century Christmas Cake was made to be eaten on what day?
  20. What is the name of the Spanish bread usually containing a small trinket often served at Epiphany?
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