Christmas History

Published: Thursday 12th November 2020A free quiz about people and events that happen during the Christmas period throughout the years.
  1. The treaty to end the War of 1812 between the USA and Great Britain was signed on Christmas Eve in 1814, where was it signed?
  2. King William I of England was crowned on Christmas Day 1066, where did the ceremony take place?
  3. The first radio play was broadcast on BBC on 24th December 1922, what two seasonal words complete the title, "The Truth About...."?
  4. Which Soviet leader resigned on Christmas Day 1991 thus signalling the end of the USSR?
  5. The first performance of which of Shakespeare's tragedies took place on Boxing Day 1606?
  6. Charles Babbage was born on 26th December 1791, what is he credited with inventing?
  7. In which year was the Queen's Christmas message first televised?
  8. In which city on Christmas Eve 1920 did the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso made his last public performance?
  9. The first ever air raid on British soil took place on 24th December 1914, which English town was the target?
  10. Lead singer with The Eurythmics, Annie Lennox was born on Christmas Day 1954, what was the title of their first UK number one single?
  11. Which English King, often referred to as "Lackland", was born on December 24th 1166?
  12. Which future Labour party leader was born Christmas Eve in 1969?
  13. Known for works such as "The Caretaker" and "The Homecoming", which British playwright passed away on 24th December 2008?
  14. Which scientific measurement was introduced by Anders Celsius on Christmas Day 1741?
  15. Rock musician Ian Fraser Kilmister was born on Christmas Eve in 1945, how is he better known?
  16. Which two US States in 1831 became the first to recognise Christmas Day as a holiday?
  17. For which invention did Thomas Edison file a patent on 24th December 1877?
  18. Born on Boxing Day 1891, who was the author of the controversial novel "Tropic of Cancer"?
  19. On Christmas Eve 1777 Captain Cook discovered an atoll in the Pacific he named Christmas Island, by what name do we now know it?
  20. Known as "The Godfather of Soul", which musician died on Christmas Day in 2006?
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