Christmas Multiple Choice

Published: Wednesday 15th November 2023A free Christmas quiz about all aspects of the festive period with choice of answers.
  1. In 2013 which vegetables were used to power the lights on a Christmas tree on London's South Bank, [a] Potatoes, [b] Brussel Sprouts, [c] Carrots or [d] Parsnips?
  2. In which airport did John McClane spend Christmas Eve during "Die Hard 2", [a] LAX, [b] Chicago O'Hare, [c] JFK or [d] Washington Dulles?
  3. Kransekage is a cake traditionally eaten in Scandinavia during the festive period, what does it mean in English, [a] Christmas cake, [b] Carrot cake, [c] Wreath cake or [d] Festive cake?
  4. Which was the first Christmas you could buy a Barbie doll, [a] 1959, [b] 1963, [c] 1965 or [d] 1967?
  5. Often consumed at Christmas, by what name do we usually know a Bounceberry, [a] Cranberry, [b] Blackberry, [c] Loganberry or [d] Strawberry?
  6. According to the Met Office definition how many white Christmasses have occurred in London since 1960, [a] Four, [b] Six, [c] Eight or [d] Ten?
  7. What fruit would you store alongside a Christmas cake in order to keep it moist, [a] Apple, [b] Orange, [c] Banana or [d] Tomato?
  8. Which American President banned Christmas Trees from The White House for environmental reasons, [a] John F Kennedy, [b] Richard Nixon, [c] Jimmy Carter or [d] Theodore Roosevelt?
  9. Which James Bond movie is set during the Christmas period, [a] Goldfinger, [b] For Your Eyes Only, [c] On Her Majesty's Secret Service or [d] The World is not Enough?
  10. According to folklore what does a windy Christmas signify, [a] Too many Brussel sprouts, [b] Good Fortune, [c] Lots of presents or [d] Bad luck?
  11. Which European city is often referred to as "The Capital of Christmas", [a] Strasbourg, [b] Copenhagen, [c] Munich or [d] Nurnburg?
  12. Which movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe takes place around Christmas, [a] Thor, [b] Avengers : Age of Ultron, [c] Captain Marvel or [d] Iron Man 3?
  13. Which country exported the most Brussel Sprouts in 2022, [a] Belgium, [b] Poland, [c] China or [d] Mexico?
  14. In which city does the annual SantaCon bar crawl take place each December, [a] Chicago, [b] New York, [c] Boston or [d] Denver?
  15. Wigilia is the traditional Christmas Eve vigil supper in which European country, [a] Poland [b]Romania, [c] Greece or [d] Germany?
  16. Which of the Gospels in the New Testament describes the visit of the Magi [a] Matthew, [b] Mark, [c] Luke or [d] John?
  17. In what year was the first Christmas tree displayed in the White House [a] 1846, [b] 1856, [c] 1866 or [d] 1876?
  18. Which of the following is NOT a name given to an adult male turkey, [a] Tom, [b] Gobbler, [c] Bull or [d] Stag?
  19. Which German city is often referred as the "Gingerbread capital of the world", [a] Munich, [b] Nurnburg, [c] Berlin or [d] Dusseldorf?
  20. "The Snowman" first aired on Channel 4 in the UK on Boxing Day in which of the following years, [a] 1978, [b] 1980, [c] 1982 or [d] 1984?
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