Christmas Music

Published: Saturday 18th November 2017
  1. According to Classic FM's 2016 poll, which is the most popular Christmas carol in the UK?
  2. A Christmas hit for Roy Orbison in 1963, which country artist wrote "Pretty Paper"?
  3. Which Christmas song was the most played on Spotify in the UK in 2016?
  4. With music by Gustav Holst, which popular Christmas carol is based on a poem by Christina Rossetti?
  5. When first introduced by John Peel in 1976, which Led Zeppelin song topped the BBC Festive Fifty?
  6. Since the Christmas charts were first compiled in 1952, how many songs with Christmas (NOT Xmas) in their title have reached the number one spot?
  7. According to the title of their 1987 track, where did Run DMC spend Christmas?
  8. In which movie did the song "White Christmas" first make an appearance?
  9. Featuring in the 2013 John Lewis Christmas TV commercial, which Keane song gave Lily Allen a UK number one?
  10. Who composed the music for the Christmas ballet "The Nutcracker"?
  11. Which single of 1990 gave Cliff Richard his last (to date) UK Christmas number one?
  12. Which English ruler banned the singing of Christmas songs?
  13. Which carol traditionally opens the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from Kings College Cambridge?
  14. "Don't Shoot Me Santa" was a festive record issued by which rock band in 2007?
  15. Which song gave The Spice Girls the first of their three Christmas number ones?
  16. Considered by many to be the greatest Christmas piece ever written, who composed the 1734 "Christmas Oratorio"?
  17. Which singing cowboy took "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer"into the US charts in 1949?
  18. Which rock star released an album in 2009 entitled "Christmas in the Heart"?
  19. Which Christmas carol, a favourite with children, ends with the line "And fit us for Heaven, to live with you there"?
  20. Which artist has topped the UK Christmas charts, in various acts, a record breaking eight times?
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