Christmas Number Ones - 1 - Answers

Published: Tuesday 24th November 2015
  1. What single was UK Christmas number one in both 1975 and 1991? "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.
  2. What was the title of Mud's only UK Christmas number one? "Lonely This Christmas".
  3. Who co-wrote Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?" with Bob Geldof? Midge Ure.
  4. Who had a US number one in 1949 with "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer"? Gene Autry.
  5. Who beat Take That to the Christmas number one spot in 1993? Mr Blobby.
  6. Which song was a UK Christmas number one for two different artists? "Mary's Boy Child".
  7. Which Christmas song opens with the line, "Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall"? "Merry Xmas Everybody" by Slade.
  8. The Beatles had three consecutive Christmas number ones in the 60s, who repeated this feat in the 90s? The Spice Girls.
  9. What unseasonal title gave Tom Jones the UK Christmas number 1 in 1966? "Green,Green Grass of Home".
  10. Who duetted with Robbie Williams on his 2001 Christmas number 1, "Something Stupid"? Nicole Kidman.
  11. Who sang the opening line of "Do They Know It's Christmas" for Band Aid in 1984? Paul Young.
  12. "Fairy-tale of New York" has never reached number one, what's the highest position in the charts achieved ? Number 2.
  13. What was the first Beatles' Christmas number one? "I Want to Hold Your Hand "(1963).
  14. What were the names of the "Two Little Boys" in the 1969 Christmas number one? Joe and Jack.
  15. Which British group had the last Christmas number one of the seventies? Pink Floyd.
  16. As at 2015 who has had the most UK Christmas number ones? The Beatles.
  17. What was the Spice Girls last UK Christmas number one in 1998? "Goodbye".
  18. Who sang the opening line of "Do They Know It's Christmas" for Band Aid II in 1989? Kylie Minogue.
  19. What was the first UK Christmas number one in 1952? "Here in my Heart" by Al Martino.
  20. Which festive hit contains the line "Another year over, and a new one just begun" ? "Happy Christmas(War is Over)".

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