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Published: Thursday 14th November 2019A free Christmas quiz that all the family can enjoy.
  1. Which country introduced the first special Christmas stamp in 1898?
  2. What company was founded in 1907 by Joyce Hall in Nebraska?
  3. The UK Christmas stamps in 1993 were designed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of which classic Christmas book?
  4. In which year did the UK first issue a special Christmas stamp?
  5. In which village does Postman Pat deliver the Christmas mail?
  6. Who sent the first personalised photo Christmas cards in 1891 white she was touring in Scotland?
  7. What postcode was introduced by the British Post Office in 1999 for Santa's workshop?
  8. Who were the authors of the children's book "The Jolly Christmas Postman"?
  9. The small British village of Bethlehem gets visitors every Christmas who want their Christmas cards franked with the village name. In which county would you find this Bethlehem?
  10. Who produced the world's first commercial Christmas card in 1843?
  11. "With Every Christmas Card I Write", is a line from which famous Christmas song?
  12. Which organisation launched the first charity Christmas card in 1949?
  13. By what name were Victorian postman known as a result of their red uniforms?
  14. What postcode is used in Canada for letters to Santa?
  15. Which Norfolk singer, who died on Christmas Eve 2000, was known as The Singing Postman?
  16. The viewers of which TV programme designed the UK's first Christmas stamp?
  17. When first class post was first introduced in 1968, how much would it cost to send a Christmas card by second class post?
  18. The song "Please Mr Postman" was which group's debut single on the Motown label?
  19. Which Us president sent the first official White House Christmas card?
  20. Which Nick Park creations were featured on the 2010 UK Christmas stamps?
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