Christmas Quiz 10

Published: Wednesday 17th November 2021A free Christmas quiz about all aspects of the festive period.
  1. The Christmas movie "Holiday Inn" was set in which US State?
  2. Which spice derived from the seed of the Myristica fragrans tree is used in the recipe for Christmas puddings?
  3. According to the title of Sia's 2017 Christmas hit, who is coming for us?
  4. Which in 1836 became the first US State to officially recognise Christmas?
  5. Who played the title role in the movie "Bad Santa"?
  6. Often eaten at Christmas, what sweetener is used to make the German sweetbread Lebkuchen?
  7. With 5.4 million viewers which was the most watched TV programme on Christmas Day 2020 (Excluding the Queen's Christmas message)?
  8. In Jostein Gaarder's "The Christmas Mystery", where does Joachim find a story hidden?
  9. Which of the gifts bought by the Wise Men to the new born Jesus is also known as Olibanum?
  10. The character Lee Christmas in the 2010 movie "The Expendables" was played by which action actor?
  11. Who wrote the 1879 poem popularly known as "Christmas Day in the Workhouse"?
  12. LadBaby had the UK Christmas number one in 2020 for the third successive year with their version of whose 2010 top ten single?
  13. Which is the only English county whose name can be spelt without using any letters from the word CHRISTMAS?
  14. Who wrote the poem, "The Cultivation of Christmas Trees"?
  15. What was the name of the boy in the TV film "The Snowman"?
  16. Which British scientist initiated the first Royal Institution Christmas Lecture in 1825?
  17. In which Christmas movie does the town of Bedford Falls feature?
  18. Michael Morpurgo's "The Best Christmas Present in the World" features the discovery of an old letter from a soldier fighting in which conflict?
  19. As at Christmas 2021 which is more expensive an ounce of Frankincense or an ounce of Myrrh?
  20. Which Poet Laureate wrote the verse 'The Robin Song' that begins, "I am the hunted king,Of the frost and big icicles"?
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