Christmas Quiz 12 - Answers

Published: Wednesday 15th November 2023A free Christmas quiz about all aspects of the festive period.
  1. By what seasonal name was Frederick V of Bohemia known? The Winter King.
  2. On Stir-up Sunday which way should you stir the Christmas pudding to bring good luck? Clockwise.
  3. Featured in the Charles Dickens' story "A Christmas Carol", what is a "Smoking Bishop"? A type of mulled wine or punch.
  4. Jason Statham plays ex-SAS soldier Lee Christmas in what series of movies? The Expendables.
  5. What Christmas present did France give to America in 1886? The Statue of Liberty.
  6. What is the alternate title of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"? What You Will.
  7. Tins of chocolates are alway popular at Christmas, but can you put these famous brands in order of when they were first launched in the UK, [a] Cadburys Heroes, [b] Cadburys Roses, [c] Celebrations and [d] Quality Street? [d] Quality Street (1936), [b] Cadburys Roses (1938), [c] Celebrations (1997) and [a] Cadburys Heroes (1999).
  8. How many times did The Beatles make a Christmas record for members of their fan club? Seven.
  9. Who created Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer in a 1939 book issued by the department store Montgomery Ward? Robert May.
  10. Designed by school children on BBC's "Blue Peter", in which year were the first Christmas stamps issued in the UK? 1966
  11. In which year was the first "Strictly Come Dancing" Christmas Special aired and who was the celebrity winner? 2004, Jill Halfpenny.
  12. Traditionally served on Christmas Eve from what is the Lithuanian soup "Aguonu Pienas" made? Poppy seeds
  13. In the Christmas movie "Love Actually" who plays the US President? Billy Bob Thornton.
  14. Which "Downton Abbey" character played by Dan Stevens was killed in a car crash in the 2012 Christmas Special? Matthew Crawley.
  15. Who played Father Christmas in the following movies, [a] Bad Santa (2003), [b] The Christmas Chronicles (2018), [c] The Santa Clause (1994), [d] Elf (2003) and [e] Miracle on 34th Street (1947)? [a] Billy Bob Thornton, [b] Kurt Russell, [c] Tim Allen, [d] Ed Asner and [e] Edmund Gwenn.
  16. Which Poet Laureate wrote the words to "While Shepherds Watched"? Nahum Tate
  17. Faced by many people in winter what is Chionophobia the intense fear of? Snow.
  18. In which language does "Sawadee Pee Mai" mean Merry Christmas? Thai.
  19. Who starred as the Doctor in the first Dr Who Christmas Special in 2005? David Tennant.
  20. Who stars alongside Vince Vaughn in the 2008 movie "Four Christmases"? Reese Witherspoon.

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