Christmas Quiz 5

Published: Monday 14th November 2016
  1. Which Apollo mission spent Christmas Day 1968 circling the moon?
  2. Who was the female star of the 1954 movie "White Christmas"?
  3. In which year did the British Post Office first introduce Christmas stamps?
  4. In a traditional pantomime, what is Aladdin's surname?
  5. Who sang about a "Blue Christmas" in 1957?
  6. In the Christmas movie "Love Actually" who played the US President?
  7. Which horse, with a Christmassy name, won the 1964 Derby?
  8. What was stolen from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950?
  9. In the Dickens' story "A Christmas Carol" what was the name of Scrooge's clerk?
  10. What colour are the flowers on a Christmas cactus?
  11. In the book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" what was the name of the Grinch's dog?
  12. Which Biblical town translates as "House of Bread" in Hebrew?
  13. Who had a minor Christmas hit in 2007 with "Don't Shoot Me Santa"?
  14. In which year did the Queen deliver the first televised Christmas message?
  15. Who composed the music for the festive ballet "The Nutcracker"?
  16. In the George Orwell novel "Animal Farm", which animal is called Snowball?
  17. Which member of The Beatles announced his engagement on Christmas Day 1967?
  18. First shown in 2012, what was the sequel to "The Snowman"?
  19. Who played Patch in the 1985 movie "Santa Claus:The Movie"?
  20. What was the name of the penguin in the 2014 John Lewis Christmas Advert?
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