Christmas Science

Published: Thursday 14th November 2019A free Christmas quiz that all the family can enjoy.
  1. What is the chemical formula for snow?
  2. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, at what internal temperature is a turkey considered cooked?
  3. NORAD track Santa's movements on Christmas Eve, what does NORAD stand for?
  4. Which famous scientist was born on Christmas Day 1642?
  5. Gold was one of the gifts bought by the Magi, what is the chemical symbol for gold?
  6. How many sides do all snowflakes have?
  7. What spacecraft was lost on Mars on Christmas Day 2003?
  8. Out of which metal are most bells made from?
  9. What chemical substance gives Brussel Sprouts their bitter taste?
  10. What is the name for a baby turkey?
  11. The plant Viscum album is better known as what Christmas favourite?
  12. What colour is the egg of a robin?
  13. What substance makes a Christmas cracker go off with a bang?
  14. Which scientist is widely credited as having the first electric Christmas lights?
  15. What substance makes a Christmas tree green?
  16. What annual event is held every Christmas by the National Audubon Society?
  17. Which creature with the Latin name Rangifer Tarandus is often featured on Christmas cards?
  18. Which scientist initiated the first Royal Institution Christmas lecture in 1825?
  19. Which aromatic gum is obtained from the Boswellia tree?
  20. With what colour flame does Brandy burn?
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