Christmas Sports 1

Published: Monday 14th November 2016
  1. In which year was the last English football league match played on Christmas Day?
  2. Which England football manager was famous for his use of the "Christmas Tree" formation?
  3. Traditionally taking place on Boxing Day, on which racecourse is the King George VI Chase run?
  4. For which Premiership side did Andy Carroll make his professional debut in 2006?
  5. Born on Christmas Day 1984, who became England's most capped Test cricket player in 2016?
  6. Which country sport traditionally takes place at Sandringham on Boxing Day?
  7. Which manager was sacked by Chelsea just after enjoying Christmas dinner with the team?
  8. Which country did ex Blackburn and Manchester City player Roque Santa Cruz represent at international level?
  9. Which ground traditionally hosts the Australian Boxing Day Test Match?
  10. Winner of the silver medal in both the 100 and 200m at the London Olympics, which Jamaican sprinter was born on Boxing Day 1989?
  11. In which country does the elite bandy match known as Annandagsbandy take place every Boxing Day?
  12. Which yacht race, widely considered to be one of the most difficult in the World commences in Australia every Boxing Day?
  13. Born on December 26th 1935, which West Indian cricketer succeeded Gary Sobers as captain of their test side?
  14. Which sporting event takes place in Hyde Park each Christmas Day over a course of 100 yards?
  15. Who suffered a severe knee injury on 26th December 1962 ending his playing career but allowing him to pursue a managerial role that lead to winning the European Cup in both 1979 and 1980?
  16. Francoise Durr, born on Christmas Day 1942, reached 27 Grand Slam tennis finals, but which was the only Grand Slam singles title that she won?
  17. What was special about the Chelsea team that took the field against Southampton on 26th December 1999?
  18. Which County Cricket team did South African Jaques Rudolf play for during the 2016 season?
  19. The Suppression of Unlawful Games Act of 1541 banned all sports in England on Christmas Day except for which one?
  20. Which Welsh International footballer, born on Boxing Day 1990, joined Arsenal from Cardiff City in 2008?
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