It Happened on Christmas Day.

Published: Wednesday 9th December 2015
  1. King William I was crowned King of England on 25th December 1066, where did the ceremony take place?
  2. Famous for not wanting to work with children and animals, which actor died on Christmas Day 1946?
  3. Which future hotelier and great-grandfather of Paris was born on 25th December 1887?
  4. Which river was famously crossed by Washington and his troops on Christmas night 1776, surprising the opposition forces on the other side?
  5. Bass player Noel Redding was born on Christmas Day in 1945, with which group is he mostly associated ?
  6. Which member of the "Rat Pack" died on 25th December 1995?
  7. Which future Egyptian President and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was born on 25th December 1918?
  8. Which British colony surrendered to Japanese troops on Christmas Day 1941?
  9. The inventor of the pin-tumbler lock used on many front doors died on Christmas Day 1868, what was his name?
  10. Sissy Spacek was born on 25th December 1945, for which movie did she win her Best Actress Oscar?
  11. Known as the "Godfather of Soul", which R&B artist passed away on Christmas Day 2006?
  12. Who resigned as President of the Soviet Union on Christmas night 1991?
  13. Which British physicist, responsible for formulating the laws of motion, was born on Christmas Day 1642?
  14. On which Caribbean island was Columbus' ship "Santa Maria" run aground on Christmas Day 1492?
  15. Known for his irreverent radio and TV shows which British DJ was born on 25th December 1944?
  16. For which TV soap did actress Noele Gordon, born 25th December 1919, gain fame?
  17. Famous for his "old tramp" routine which star of the silent screen passed away on Christmas Day 1977?
  18. In which city did the US premiere of Handel's "Messiah" take place in 1818?
  19. Which actor, born on Christmas Day in 1899, said the famous line "Here's looking at you, kid"?
  20. Most famous for the Christmas song "Fairytale of New York", with which group did Shane MacGowan (born 25th December 1957) first find fame?
Find the ANSWERS HEREIt Happened on Christmas Day.

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