Royal Christmasses

Published: Monday 21st November 2022A free Christmas quiz about Royalty around the World.
  1. In which year did King George V make the first Christmas radio message?
  2. For Christmas 1392 which of the following was gifted to King Richard II by the citizens of London, [a] An elephant & a penguin, [b] A one humped camel & a pelican or [c] A water buffalo & a zebra?
  3. How do the Royal Family generally arrive at Sandringham for their traditional Christmas?
  4. William I of England was crowned on Christmas Day 1066, where did his coronation take place?
  5. When does the Danish Royal family broadcast their seasonal message?
  6. First established by King Edward VII, what happens to all guest on arrival and departure from the Royal Christmas gathering at Sandringham?
  7. Which of Queen Elizabeth II's cousins was born on Christmas Day in 1936?
  8. Which European Royal family traditionally serve a brandy-soaked weihnachtsstollen, a fruit-and-nut bread, at Christmas in honour of their German ancestry?
  9. Which King reinstated Christmas celebrations in England after he came to the throne in 1660?
  10. Which future King of England was born on Christmas Day in 1095?
  11. What two alcoholic drinks are used to make a ZaZa, which was said to be Queen Elizabeth II's favourite Christmas tipple?
  12. Which English King had the nickname "The Pudding King" after his love for Christmas pudding?
  13. In what year did the first televised Christmas broadcast by the British monarch take place?
  14. Which was Queen Elizabeth II's favourite movie to watch during the Christmas period?
  15. Who wrote the poem "King John's Christmas" that begins with the lines "King John was not a good man, And no good friends had he"?
  16. Which game is banned from being played at the Royal Family's Christmas because in the words of Prince Andrew "It gets too vicious"?
  17. On what day is the Spanish Royal Christmas message broadcast on TV?
  18. What disappeared from under the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950?
  19. What do the Danish Royal family traditionally eat for their Christmas meal?
  20. At which London Palace did Henry IV spend 10 of his 14 Christmasses as King?
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