Shakespeare 1

Published: Tuesday 9th March 2010
  1. Shakespeare was born in Stratford-on-Avon, in which county is that?
  2. Who offered his kingdom in exchange for a horse?
  3. What was Shakespeare's first performed play?
  4. Which play features the line "A plague on both your houses"?
  5. Which of Shakespeare's plays is in three parts?
  6. In which Shakespeare play do we meet two grave-diggers?
  7. When is Shakespeare's birthday celebrated?
  8. Who is the magical spirit of the air in "The Tempest"?
  9. Which London theatre was burned down in 1613 after a cannon fired during a performance of a play set fire to the thatch?
  10. The 1999 movie "10 Things I Hate About You" was based on which of Shakespeare's plays?
  11. Who is Shakespeare's Moor?
  12. What was the name of the Queen of the fairies in "A Midsummers Night's Dream"?
  13. Ophelia appears in which Shakespeare's plays?
  14. What was the name of the jester in "As You Like It"?
  15. Which play begins with the line "Now is the winter of our discontent"?
  16. Who asks "If you prick us, do we not bleed"?
  17. Who kills Desdamona?
  18. Who was Shakespeare's wife?
  19. What was the name of the ghost that haunted Macbeth?
  20. What is the only Shakespeare play that contains the name of an English town?
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