Charles Dickens 1

Published: Tuesday 9th March 2010
  1. What are the cities featured in "A Tale of Two Cities"?
  2. In "Oliver Twist", who adopts Oliver?
  3. To whose manor house is Pip sent to in "Great Expectations"?
  4. In "A Christmas Carol" who says 'Bah,Humbug'?
  5. In "The Old Curiosity Shop", what is Nell's surname?
  6. Which of Dickens' novels was the first to appear in print?
  7. Whose annual income of twenty pounds and annual expenditure of nineteen pounds, nineteen and six result in happiness?
  8. In which Dickens novel does Mr. Micawber appear?
  9. Who loved Estella?
  10. What is the name of Bill Sikes' dog in "Oliver Twist"?
  11. Which of his novels did Dickens say he liked the best?
  12. Which two Suffolk towns form the backdrop for scenes in "Pickwick Papers"?
  13. In which novel does John Harmon feign death?
  14. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times", these are the opening lines of which novel?
  15. Mr. Murdstone is a character in which novel?
  16. Which novel begins with 'fog everywhere'?
  17. Which novel is dedicated to Miss Burdett Coutts?
  18. Who said "Please Sir, I Want Some More"?
  19. What was Dickens' last novel?
  20. Where is Dickens buried?
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