Children's Literature 2 - Answers

Published: Sunday 16th October 2011
  1. Mrs Tiggy-Winkle appears in which series of books? The Tales of Beatrix Potter.
  2. What was the name of the dog in "Peter Pan"? Nana.
  3. Who created the Mr Men characters? Roger Hargreaves.
  4. What is "The Hobbit" called? Bilbo Baggins.
  5. Who wrote "The Just-So Stories"? Rudyard Kipling.
  6. Who created Swallows and Amazons? Arthur Ransome.
  7. What pen-name was used by Charles Dodgson? Lewis Carroll.
  8. Who created Doctor Doolittle? Hugh Lofting.
  9. Who wrote the book that the play "The War Horse" was based? Michael Morpurgo.
  10. Who was "The Worst Witch" in the books by Jill Murphy? Mildred Hubble.
  11. Who created "Fungus the Bogeyman"? Raymond Briggs.
  12. Who wrote "Charlotte's Web"? E.B.White.
  13. On which island is Thomas the Tank Engine based? The Island of Sodor.
  14. Who wrote the Just William books? Richmal Crompton.
  15. Who wrote the novel that Disney's "Mary Poppins" was based? P.L. Travers.
  16. Where are Carrie and her brother evacuated to in Nina Bawden's "Carrie's War"? Wales.
  17. In which book does Cruella de Ville appear? 101 Dalmatians.
  18. Where was "Anne of Green Gables" set? Prince Edward Island in Canada.
  19. In Stevenson's "Treasure Island" who is Captain Flint? Long John Silver's parrot [named after the captain of the pirate ship who made the original treasure map].
  20. Who was the girl with the optimistic outlook in the novel by Eleanor H. Porter? Pollyanna.

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  1. Lorraine .shearer says:

    Just started with quizes for my oldies they are mostly over seventy and it really helped them with there stimulation and mental health as some can be on there own a lot it is difficult finding the right questions because of thr ages some are up to date but some are not but thank you very much from someone that is trying to keep them hanging in there .

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