The Life of Dickens 1 - Answers

Published: Sunday 29th January 2012
  1. Where was Charles Dickens born? In Portsea, Portsmouth.
  2. To which prison was Dickens family sent when Charles was 12? Marshalsea Debtors prison in Southwark.
  3. What did the young Charles Dickens do while his family was imprisoned? He worked in a Blacking warehouse sticking labels on bottles.
  4. What was Charles Dickens' first job after leaving school at age 15? Office boy in a solicitor's firm.
  5. Under which pen-name did Dickens write short stories for the London Evening Chronicle? Boz.
  6. Which of Charles Dickens' novels was the first to be published in monthly instalments in 1836? The Pickwick Papers.
  7. Who did Charles Dickens marry in April 1836? Catherine Thomson Hogarth.
  8. How many children did Charles Dickens have? Ten [Seven boys and three girls].
  9. How did Charles Dickens upset his hosts on his first visit to America in 1842? By condemning slavery.
  10. In which magazine was Dickens' second novel "Oliver Twist" published? Bentley's Miscellany.
  11. Which newspaper was published by Dickens in 1845 as a rival to the Morning Chronicle? The Daily News.
  12. With whom did Dickens write the play "The Frozen Deep"? Wilkie Collins.
  13. With which actress did Charles Dickens have an affair causing a separation from his wife in 1858? Ellen Ternan.
  14. What type of accident was Charles Dickens involved in when travelling home in 1865? The Staplehurst rail crash.
  15. How old was Charles Dickens when he died? 58 years old [he died 8th June 1870].
  16. Where did Charles Dickens wish to be buried? Rochester Cathedral.
  17. Where was Charles Dickens buried? Poets Corner in Westminster Abbey.
  18. What was the title of the book Charles Dickens was working on when he died? "The Mystery of Edwin Drood".
  19. Which of his novels did Dickens say he liked the best? "David Copperfield".
  20. Where did the "Dickens World" themed attraction open in May 2007? Chatham in Kent where he spent his early years.

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