Abbreviations & Acronyms - Answers

Published: Tuesday 1st May 2012
  1. In which area do ASH and FOREST represent opposing views? Smoking [ASH = Action on Smoking & Health and FOREST= Freedom Organisation for the Right To Enjoy Smoking Tobacco].
  2. Awarded on an annual basis, which type of music are the MOBO awards for? Music Of Black Origin.
  3. Often referred to during the Iraq crisis, what are WMD? Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  4. Which Sports organisation is represented by the acronym WIBF? Women's International Boxing Federation.
  5. Responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer, what are CFCs? Chloro- Fluro- Carbons.
  6. Who might use BSL? Deaf people. It stands for British Sign Language.
  7. Which group of workers are represented by the trade association BALPA? Airline pilots [British Air Line Pilots Association].
  8. In the music business, what is an A&R man? Artists and Repertoire (or Recording).
  9. In which field do OFSTED operate? Education [Office for Standards in Education].
  10. NCIS when applied to the TV series stands for Naval Criminal Investigation Service, but what is the NCIS in the UK? National Criminal Intelligence Service.
  11. What is the difference between OPEC and OAPEC? OPEC = Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries while OAPEC = Organisation of ARAB Petroleum Exporting Countries.
  12. In mathematics what are HCF and LCM? Highest Common Factor & Lowest Common Multiple.
  13. In the UK at which weight does a LGV become an HGV? A Light Goods Vehicle becomes a Heavy Goods Vehicle at more than 3.5tonnes.
  14. The police computer system is sometimes referred to as HOLMES. What does this acronym mean? Home Office Large Major Enquiry System.
  15. Part of Disneyland in Florida, what is EPCOT? Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.
  16. As well as being the name of a rock band, what is REM? Rapid Eye Movement.
  17. Invented by Jacques Cousteau, what is SCUBA equipment? Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.
  18. What does the abbreviation AT&T mean when referring to the US telecommunications company? American Telephone & Telegraph Company.
  19. Which THREE diseases does the MMR vaccine protect against? Measles, Mumps & Rubella [German measles].
  20. In which year were CSEs replaced by GCSEs? The General Certificate in Secondary Education replaced both the Certificate in Secondary Education and O levels with the first exams being in 1988.

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