Jane Austen 1

Published: Tuesday 8th January 2013
  1. In which year was Jane Austen born?
  2. Which was the first of Jane Austen's novels to be published?
  3. Which Jane Austen novel features the character of Elizabeth Bennett?
  4. Who is the principal character in the novel "Mansfield Park"?
  5. What is the surname of Emma in the Jane Austen novel of the same name?
  6. Although not published until after her death, which was the first of Jane Austen's novels to be completed?
  7. In "Pride and Prejudice" who was the eldest of the Bennett sisters?
  8. Who is Emma's closest friend in the novel "Emma"?
  9. From which disease was Jane Austen thought to have suffered in the latter years of her life?
  10. What was the title of the 2007 movie of Jane Austen's early life starring Anne Hathaway?
  11. In "Sense and Sensibility" who was Edward Ferrous secretly engaged to?
  12. By what name were the notebooks containing Jane Austen's early works known?
  13. What was the surname of Elinor and Marianne, the sisters in "Sense and Sensibility"?
  14. Who is the principal male protagonist in the novel "Pride and Prejudice"?
  15. Starring Alicia Silverstone in the lead role, which 1995 movie was a modern adaption of Austen's "Emma"?
  16. Who is the main character in Jane Austen's final novel "Persuasion"?
  17. Who is it said that Jane Austen fell in love with in 1795?
  18. In which village, now the home of the Jane Austen House Museum, did she complete many of her novels?
  19. Who directed the 1995 Oscar winning film version of "Sense and Sensibility"?
  20. In which year was "Mansfield Park" first published?
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