The Great Composers - Beethoven - Answers

Published: Wednesday 18th September 2013
  1. In which German city was Beethoven born? Bonn in 1770.
  2. At what age is Beethoven said to have given his first public performance? Seven although the poster advertising the event said he was six.
  3. Who did Beethoven hope to meet when he travelled to Vienna in 1787? Mozart.
  4. Under which composer did Beethoven study? Joseph Haydn.
  5. When did Beethoven begin to lose his sense of hearing? 1798-1800.
  6. How many times did Beethoven marry? None, he stayed a bachelor all his life.
  7. Which of Beethoven's symphonies is known as "The Pastoral"? Symphony number 6 opus 68.
  8. What was the title of Beethoven's only opera? Fidelio.
  9. What name is often given to Beethoven's Piano Sonata number 14 opus 27? The Moonlight Sonata.
  10. In total how many symphonies did Beethoven compose? Nine.
  11. In which city did Beethoven die? Vienna.
  12. To whom did Beethoven originally dedicate his Third Symphony? Napoleon.
  13. How many piano concertos did Beethoven compose? Five.
  14. How many violin concertos did Beethoven compose? One.
  15. Which TWO symphonies of Beethoven were premiered at the same concert in 1808? The fifth and the sixth.
  16. Which Beethoven piano concerto is known as "The Emperor"? Piano Concerto number 5 opus 73.
  17. In which year did Beethoven die? 1827
  18. Which of Beethoven's violin sonatas was nicknamed "Kreutzer"? Violin Sonata 9 opus 47.
  19. What is the more common name for Beethoven's "Bagatelle number 25 in A Minor"? Fur Elise.
  20. Which of Beethoven's piano sonatas is known as the Pathetique? Piano sonata number 8 opus 13.

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