Greek Mythology 3

Published: Wednesday 20th April 2022A free quiz about the myths of Ancient Greece
  1. How was Oedipus doubly related to Jocasta?
  2. Which mythical creature was half man half horse?
  3. Who was the father of Icarus who made the wings for his fateful flight?
  4. Who was the mythical King of Phrygia whose touch turned everything to gold?
  5. Why was the heel of Achilles his only vulnerable part?
  6. Now well known as a sports shoe brand, who was the Greek Goddess of Victory?
  7. Featured in the title of an opera by Purcell, who was the lover of Aeneas?
  8. Often portrayed as a butterfly, fell in love with Eros?
  9. Who was the only female member of the Argonauts?
  10. Who was the Greek Goddess of both the hunt and fertility?
  11. What was the name of the winged horse that sprang from Medusa when she died?
  12. How collectively were the 3 daughter of Zeus and Eurynome known?
  13. Which creature mortally wounded Adonis?
  14. Which mythical creature was part man part goat?
  15. Who was given the gift of prophecy by Zeus, but nobody believed her?
  16. Who was the sister and wife of Cronus known as the Goddess of Motherhood?
  17. Which son of Zeus and Leto was the God of prophecy, music and youth?
  18. How did Jason finally met his death?
  19. According to Greek myth who was the ferryman of the Underworld?
  20. Who was the Greek God of the sky?
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