Harry Potter 2

Published: Wednesday 4th March 2020A free quiz about Harry Potter books and movies.
  1. In the Harry Potter books what was sold at Eeylops Emporium?
  2. At which London station do you catch the train to Hogwarts?
  3. What animal is the symbol of Gryffindor house?
  4. What was the core of Harry's wand made from?
  5. What actor played Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies?
  6. What did Harry receive from Dumbledore on his first Christmas at Hogwarts?
  7. Under what name was the first book sold in the USA?
  8. What was the name of Harry Potter's owl?
  9. Who is the Half-Blood Prince?
  10. What was Hagrid's first name?
  11. What job did Harry's uncle, Vernon Dursley, have?
  12. On what date is Harry Potter's birthday?
  13. Which is the only book that does not feature Lord Voldemort?
  14. What was the address where Harry lived with his Aunt and Uncle?
  15. Which actor replaced Richard Harris in the role of Dumbledore?
  16. Which creatures guard Azkaban, the wizarding prison?
  17. What is the motto of Hogwart's school?
  18. Who replaced Dumbledore as Headmaster in "The Order of the Phoenix"?
  19. Which animal does Hermoine become when she takes a potion in "The Chamber of Secrets"?
  20. What is the shape of Harry Potter's scar?
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