Money,Money,Money - Answers

Published: Monday 1st August 2022A free quiz about money, Currencies and other financial matters.
  1. In pre-decimal currency, how many farthings were there in one pound sterling? 960
  2. What is the highest denomination of Scottish banknote in general circulation? £100.00
  3. How many cents make up a US Dime? Ten.
  4. What flightless bird features on a New Zealand one dollar coin? Kiwi.
  5. In which year was decimal currency introduced in the UK? 1971
  6. Which US President features on a 1,000 dollar bill? Grover Cleveland.
  7. Who or what is "The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street"? The Bank of England.
  8. Which country in 1988 became the first to issue polymer banknotes? Australia.
  9. In which town has the Royal Mint been located since 1968? Llantrisant (South Wales).
  10. In pre-decimal currency, how much was half a crown worth? Two shillings and sixpence (12.5 pence).
  11. In which country is the Shekel legal tender? Israel.
  12. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is headquartered in which country? USA (Washington).
  13. What is the highest denomination of banknote issued by the Bank of England for general circulation? £50.00
  14. In which country is the currency the Colon? Costa Rica.
  15. In financial terms what do the letters ISA refer? Individual Savings Account.
  16. Who was the first British monarch to feature on a banknote? George II.
  17. Which pre-decimal British coin was known as a "Tanner"? Sixpence piece.
  18. What is the currency of South Korea? Won.
  19. By what nickname is a Canadian two dollar coin known by? Toonie.
  20. Prior to adopting the Euro, a German Mark was made up of 100 what? Pfennigs.

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