Opera and Choral Works 1

Published: Sunday 7th February 2016
  1. Which opera by Verdi features "The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves"?
  2. Which opera by Puccini is set in Japan?
  3. Which composer adapted the story of Cinderella for a 1899 opera?
  4. Which opera received its World Premiere at the Cairo Opera House in 1871?
  5. In which city would would you find La Scala opera house?
  6. Composed for the Birmingham Music Festival in 1900 who wrote "The Dream of Gerontius"?
  7. What opera is often performed on a double-bill with Cavalleria Rusticana?
  8. What is another name for Opera Buffa?
  9. How many people would perform an aria in a opera?
  10. Which composer was responsible for the 1607 work L'Orfeo widely regarded as the first opera?
  11. Which opera based on a Shakespeare play was composed by Rossini in 1816?
  12. Which work by Offenbach is widely regarded as the first operetta?
  13. Which is Gershwin's most famous opera?
  14. How many singers feature in Bela Bartok's opera "Bluebeard's Castle"?
  15. Premiering in Milan in 1893 what was Verdi's last opera?
  16. In which European capital did Handel's Messiah receive it's premiere in 1742?
  17. Who in 1991 composed "The Liverpool Oratorio"?
  18. Who composed the choral work "Spring Symphony"?
  19. What was the title of Bizet's last opera?
  20. On which famous lover's life was the opera Don Giovani said to have been based?
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