Opera and Choral Works 2 - Answers

Published: Thursday 11th August 2016
  1. Who wrote the opera The Flying Dutchman? Richard Wagner.
  2. Which comic opera was written by Richard Strauss in 1911? Der Rosenkavalier.
  3. The opera "Hippolyte and Aricie" is described as the first of which type of opera? Baroque.
  4. Which famous song does the 1740 opera "Alfred" by Thomas Arne contain? Rule Brittania.
  5. What was the first opera written especially for television? Amahl and the Night Visitors.
  6. Who composed the oratorio "Elijah"? Felix Mendelssohn.
  7. Who composed the short opera "Pagliacci"? Ruggero Leoncavallo.
  8. What in musical terms is a libretto? The words of an opera.
  9. Lieutenant Pinkerton is a character in which opera? Madame Butterfly.
  10. What was the title of Purcell's 1663 work that is considered the first English language opera? Dido and Aeneas.
  11. The theme to TV's "The Lone Ranger" comes from the overture to which opera? William Tell.
  12. Who composed the opera "The Bartered Bride"? Smetana.
  13. What was the title of Benjamin Britten's first opera? Paul Bunyan.
  14. Who composed the 1987 opera "Nixon in China"? John Adams.
  15. Which Gilbert & Sullivan opera has the alternative title "The Lass that Loved a Sailor"? HMS Pinafore.
  16. Who wrote the famous oratorio "Messiah"? Handel.
  17. What is the title of the choral work created by Benjamin Britten for the opening of Coventry Cathedral in 1962? War Requiem.
  18. Who composed "The St Matthew's Passion"? JS Bach.
  19. Which Verdi opera is based on three Shakespeare's plays? Falstaff.
  20. What was the title of Beethoven's only opera? Fidelio.

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