Roald Dahl 1

Published: Thursday 20th October 2016
  1. In which British city was Roald Dahl born?
  2. Who provided the voice of Mr Fox in the 2009 movie adaption of the book "The Fantastic Mr Fox"?
  3. What was the title of Roald Dahl's first children's book, written in 1943?
  4. What breed of bird was "rescued" by Danny, Champion of the World?
  5. What was the title of Roald Dahl's autobiographical story of his childhood?
  6. What does Mrs Twit place in Mr Twit's beer to show she is always watching him?
  7. In the title of the Road Dahl book, what does BFG stand for?
  8. In the book "James and the Giant Peach", what was James' surname?
  9. What type of business do the Giraffe, Pelican and Monkey run in the book "The Giraffe, Pelly and Me"?
  10. Which of the armed forces did Roald Dahl join in 1939?
  11. What power does Matilda possess in Roald Dahl's book of the same name?
  12. What name is given to the creatures that help Willy Wonka in his chocolate factory?
  13. Who wrote the music and lyrics for the 2010 award winning musical of Matilda?
  14. What was the name of Mrs Silver's tortoise in the Roald Dahl novel "Essio Trot"?
  15. Which novelist did Roald Dahl meet and work with during his time as military attache in Washington?
  16. Who played the head of the witches in the 1990 film of "The Witches"?
  17. What was the title of Roald Dahl's last children's novel published in 1990, a few months after his death?
  18. In the Roald Dahl book, what was the first farm animal to be made bigger by George's Marvellous Medicine?
  19. What fizzy drink does the BFG give to Sophie in "The BFG"?
  20. In the book "James and the Giant Peach", where did the peach eventually end up?
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