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Published: Sunday 5th September 2010
  1. Which food comes in chestnut, oyster or shitaki varieties?
  2. Which convenience food takes its name from the phrase "spiced ham"?
  3. How is the steak in "Steak Tartare" cooked?
  4. What is the main ingredient in a "Gumbo"?
  5. What are dried plums called?
  6. What does the abbreviation UHT mean when applied to milk?
  7. What ferments in brine to become Sauerkraut?
  8. What delicacy comes from the fattened livers of geese?
  9. What are the TWO principal ingredients in a Hollandaise Sauce?
  10. From which vegetable is the Russian soup Borscht predominantly made?
  11. What is made from Pig's blood, pork fat and cereal?
  12. Which chicken dish is named after a battle in the Napoleonic Wars?
  13. What kind of meat surrounds a Scotch Egg?
  14. Which cooked meat is made from the head of a pig?
  15. What is the name for a steak that has been cut from between two ribs?
  16. In Indian cookery what is Naan?
  17. In the UK it's an aubergine but what is called in the USA?
  18. What does the term "Al Dente" mean when applied to pasta?
  19. What type of Indian cookery would be cooked in a clay oven?
  20. In the Atkins Diet, which food group were you encouraged to cut out?
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