Food & Drink 3

Published: Sunday 5th September 2010
  1. "Timperley Early" and "Cawood Castle" are varieties of what garden crop?
  2. What is Gazpacho?
  3. Which celebrated cook was born Isabella Mary Mayson?
  4. "Ribus Nigum" is the Latin name of which fruit?
  5. If you ordered Moules in a French restaurant what would you expect to be served?
  6. Which country holds an annual tomato fight?
  7. Spinach is a good source of which mineral?
  8. What type of beans are used in the production of Baked Beans?
  9. In the books by Michael Bond, what is Paddington Bear's favourite food?
  10. Which Scottish city gives its name to a type of fruit cake?
  11. What was invented by Mr. Tate of Tate Gallery fame?
  12. Which town near Leeds in Yorkshire is famous for its licorice cakes?
  13. What would you have in your hand if you were holding "Connover's Colossal"?
  14. What vegetable is used in Anglesey Eggs?
  15. Which company first introduced Tea bags into the UK?
  16. Which acid gives vinegar its distinctive taste and smell?
  17. What is a young pilchard called?
  18. What are "Pershore Eggs" and "Marjories Seedlings"?
  19. Although originating in India where it is called "Tulsi", which herb is more associated with Mediterranean or Thai cookery?
  20. From which fish does real caviar come from?
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