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Published: Sunday 5th September 2010
  1. Which vegetable dye is used to colour "red" cheese?
  2. What gives Windsor Red its flavour and colour?
  3. From which country does Jarlsberg cheese originate?
  4. What is added to Cheddar cheese for it to become Ilchester cheese?
  5. What is Cornish Yarg cheese coated with?
  6. In which European country does Edam cheese come from?
  7. Which two cheeses combine to make Huntsmen Cheese?
  8. What type of cheese is used in a Greek salad?
  9. What gives "blue" cheese its colour?
  10. What is the name of the enzyme used in most hard cheese manufacture?
  11. Which cheese is traditionally grated onto Italian dishes?
  12. Which country produces Limburger Cheese?
  13. What type of milk is used to make Mozzarella cheese?
  14. From which country does Gorgonzola cheese originate?
  15. How does Double Gloucester Cheese differ from Single Gloucester?
  16. From which Irish County does Cashel Blue come from?
  17. In which country does Gruyere cheese originate?
  18. What animal's milk is used in Roquefort cheese?
  19. In which English county is the village of Stilton?
  20. In which European country does the goat cheese called Vare originate?
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