Herbs and Spices

Published: Friday 17th December 2010
  1. Which herb is regarded as "The King of Herbs" by many leading cookery authors?
  2. Used generally in the cooking of lamb, which herb is thought to be the herb of remembrance?
  3. From which tree is the spice MACE obtained?
  4. Which herb combined with onion is commonly used as a stuffing for poultry and meat?
  5. Which spice imparts a yellow colour to Indian cuisine?
  6. Which herb is commonly used to flavour the tomato on pizza toppings?
  7. What type of flavour does FENNEL have?
  8. Which part of the ginger plant is used in cooking?
  9. Which FOUR herbs did Simon & Garfunkel sing about in the 1960s?
  10. Which spice is said to combine the flavours of Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Cloves, hence its name?
  11. By what name is wine that has been combined with a mixture of spices and often served warm, known?
  12. Which spice widely used in Indian cooking is known as "The queen of spices"?
  13. Which spice, obtained from the flower of the crocus, is one of the most expensive?
  14. Which herb added to soups and stews is usually removed prior to serving?
  15. In the children's TV series "The Herbs", what type of creature was Parsley?
  16. With over 150 varieties, which common herb is said to provide relief from an upset stomach?
  17. What is the difference between a HERB and a SPICE?
  18. What are the real names of The Spice Girls?
  19. In what units are the heat from chillies measured?
  20. Which spice, synonymous with Christmas, are the dried flower buds of a tropical tree?
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