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Published: Monday 7th February 2011
  1. What is the minimum ageing period for a vintage champagne?
  2. After what is Rioja wine named?
  3. What does the term "Trocken" mean on a German wine label?
  4. Are the following wines Red or White, [a] Chardonnay, [b] Cabernet Sauvignon, [c] Riesling, [d] Merlot and [e] Pinot Noir
  5. Which country produces the most wine?
  6. Which wine growing region of France shares its name with a TV detective?
  7. What is the name for a wine bottle that hold 15 litres of wine?
  8. What is "Phylloxera"?
  9. Which country produces the wine "Liebfraumilch"?
  10. In which month is Beaujolais Nouveau released for drinking?
  11. In which country is the wine producing area of Stellenbosch?
  12. From which country does "Tokay" wine come?
  13. What is the term used to describe a dry champagne?
  14. In which country is the wine producing area "Barossa Valley"?
  15. In which area of Italy is Chianti produced?
  16. The barrels used for ageing wine are generally made from which wood?
  17. In which Australian state is the wine producing area of Hunter Valley?
  18. What is the name for the base wine used in champagne production?
  19. Viticulture is the science of growing grapes but what is the name for the science of wine making?
  20. What fruit is the classic aroma expected of a Cabernet Sauvignon?
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