Fruit and Veg 1

Published: Wednesday 30th March 2011
  1. Carrots are said to be a good source of which vitamin?
  2. Which fruit tree has the scientific name "malus domestica"?
  3. If a dish is described as being "a la Florentine" what vegetable would it contain?
  4. What vegetable is used in the production of the Greek dish , moussaka?
  5. The Balkan spirit , SLIVOVITZ, is made from which fruit?
  6. Which vegetable could be Shitake, Chestnut or Oyster?
  7. Which TWO vegetables are usually found in the left-over dish "Bubble & Squeak"?
  8. The Sloe is the fruit of which bush?
  9. Which fruit has the highest number of calories?
  10. Which Asian fruit is described as having a succulent creamy filling but a smell like stinky socks?
  11. Marjorie s Seedlings and Early Laxtons are varieties of which fruit?
  12. What are "Neeps & Tatties" which are usually served with the Scottish dish Haggis?
  13. What is the Russian soup made from Beetroot called?
  14. Known as "Lady's fingers" which vegetable is a principal ingredient in Gumbo?
  15. What is a cross between an orange and a tangerine?
  16. "Prunus Persica" is the scientific name for which fruit?
  17. From which vegetable is the Indian dish of SAAG made?
  18. By what name is an aubergine known in the USA?
  19. Which fruit can be a Honeydew or a Cantaloupe?
  20. Which TWO vegetables make up the Indian dish ALOO GOBI?
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