Tea Quiz 1

Published: Tuesday 7th June 2011
  1. How many years does it take for a tea bush to grow ready for harvesting?
  2. Which part of the tea plant is used for tea making?
  3. Which country is the World's largest producer of tea?
  4. Which European country beats Ireland and the UK to the top of the tea drinking league?
  5. Which British Prime Minister has a variety of tea named after him?
  6. What tea from the West Bengal region of India is known as "The Champagne of Teas"?
  7. In which year did The Boston Tea Party take place?
  8. In which language does tea translate as "CHA"?
  9. What innovation was introduced in the UK by Tetleys in 1953?
  10. What aromatic oil flavours Earl Grey tea?
  11. Which musical features the song "Tea for Two"?
  12. What does the PG in "PG tips" stand for?
  13. Which Scottish band had a UK top 20 hit in 1976 with "The Boston Tea Party"?
  14. In which children's novel does the Mad Hatter's Tea Party take place?
  15. Which company used chimpanzees to advertise their tea?
  16. What were the waitresses in the Lyons Corner Houses affectionately known?
  17. By what name is the spicy milky tea in India known?
  18. What is the act of reading tea leaves called?
  19. What is the name of the teapot in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"?
  20. Which group had a UK top 10 hit in January 1972 with the song "Storm in a Teacup "?
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